Books and journals
Books and journals with photograps by Karl-Einar Löfqvist
A selection of books published from 1993.
New writings from Tibet
New writings from Tibet - Song of the Snow Lion 2000
Manoa - A Pacific Journal of International Writing, published twice a year by University of Hawaii Press.
This journal about Tibetan writing is illustrated with photographs from Ladakh, the nothern part of Kashmir in India.
In English.
Utflykter i Uppland
Utflykter i Uppland 1998
" Excursions in Uppland "
A guide to the Swedish county Uppland.
In Swedish.
Det politiska uppdraget ...
Det politiska uppdraget 1998
" The political mission "
A book for social democratic politicians, illustrated with black & white photographs from the evey day life in Sweden.
In Swedish.
K som i konflikt
K som i konflikt, kram, kropp, känsla, KJ 1997
" The comfirmation camp "
The title of this book is impossible to translate to English.
The book is a documentary about a four weeks long confirmation camp for teenagers, in the mountain area in Lappland, Sweden
In Swedish.
Klosterliv i 1990-talets Sverige 1995
" Monastic life in Sweden "
Interviews with 10 monks and nuns from different monasteries in Sweden.
Illustrated with portraits and photographs from their every day life.
In Swedish.
Ett klosterbygge ..
Ett klosterbygge i tiden 1994
" Building a monastery to-day "
A documentary about a new built nunnery in the south of Sweden. See the nuns life in the old nunnery. Follow the constuction of the new building and the new life of the nuns.
In Swedish, summary in English.
An insight into Ladakh
An Insight into Ladakh 1993
The culture an history of Ladakh in nothern Kashmir in India.
Images from several photographers.
In English.
Е Karl-Einar Löfqvist